Tadreeb FAQ

Tadreeb FAQ

I’m a student interested in an internship in the region. What’s next?

If you are currently a Yale student in good academic standing with a demonstrated interest in the Arab world, you may contact your career services office for a list of employers/organizations who are looking to host Yale students as interns. This list will also be available on the UCS web interface. You will have access to contact information for these organizations, in order to send your CV and complete the internship application process.

I work for an organization that may be interested in hosting a Yale student. What do I do?

Contact internships@yalearabalumni.org, and you will be sent the 1-page Tadreeb employer form, where you’ll be able to include contact information and specifics about the nature of your organization’s work, which will assist students in selecting which organizations to contact regarding internship possibilities.

How are students selected for internships? What is the application process?

This will depend on each individual organization’s internal process. There is no standardized process set by either ASA or YAAA, and it is up to the student and the internship host organization to coordinate the logistics.

Is YAAA or ASA responsible for coordinating the housing, travel, security or other arrangements for students seeking or accepting internships?

No. YAAA and ASA are serving only as an information source for connecting students to relevant organizations. Once a student begins communicating with an organization regarding internship possibilities, it will be up to the student and the employer to coordinate the specific arrangements for the internship, including compensation/stipend (if any), travel and housing arrangements, duration of the internship, terms of reference for the internship, and other considerations. YAAA and ASA do not make any representations or assurances in this regard, and are not responsible for internship logistics or follow-up.

What if I have any questions that are not covered here?
Email internships@yalearabalumni.org for any additional information.